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01 Consent on the collection and use of personal information

1. Collecting personal information items This site collects the following personal information for inquiries on the website, service applications, etc.
- Collection item:
Name, contact, email, address, connection IP information, service usage history, connection log, cookie
- Personal information collection method:
2. Collection and use of personal information This site uses personal information for:
- Member management personal identification, response to user inquiries and quote requests
- Provide stable services, collect access frequency analysis service usage statistics, analyze users' service usage to improve quality
3. In principle, personal information collection and usage purposes are achieved.
However, the following information shall be preserved for a specified period of time for the following reasons:
Preservation item:
Name, contact, email, address
Preservation period:
Instant destruction on customer request

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03 Basic Infomation
04 Questions

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